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Yoga, The Best Now In The Colony

Yoga In The Colony

Yoga classes in The Colony, Texas.

Pat Shaw Bock214-642-9295

Monday practices on the mat include Sun Salutations, folds, twists, stretches, and balance poses.  

All levels are welcome because we never ask you to do more than you are willing to do.  

Two rules for all practices is #1. BREATHE!  #2 No judgment so only do what is comfortable for you.  

Modifications for poses are always offered or modify to your liking as long as you stay safe.  I love leading new yogis in a practice.  

Should a person be reluctant to get down on the mat, I’d recommend trying our Chair Yoga class on Wednesday’s at 1 pm.

We sit in the chair for stretches and also stand behind the chair for support for standing and balance poses.

A safe practice because we trust you know your body and know what works for you. Follow doctor advice on limitations if recovering or have issues.   We welcome all.

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