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Contact Us – Submit Business, Our goal is helping businesses get found!

We are dedicated to helping businesses gain more exposure through advertising and marketing solutions.

This is a free business directory to help you be more successful, our program is designed to help and promote local businesses, money or No money, start-ups, small to large companies.

Welcome to DFW Town Guide! 

We are a self funded private company created in 2005.

The only source of revenue to operate this directory is from You Visiting Our Pages, Advertising and Enhanced Business Pages.

Advertisers want you to visit them, So please visit them this is what supports this Directory, Our Forums and Our Facebook Group.

Our region of Texas consist of the North Central Texas and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Austin, Texas.

Of course our standard business page is free if your business is in our region or you may ask to upgrade too.

Do you list your business in Local Directories?

If not, you should. People are spending more and more time searching for businesses and services than ever before – particularly on mobile phones and tablets.

The more frequently your business appears online with matching information, the better search results you’ll have from Google. Be sure to have your business listed on local directories!

Submit Your Business Just Fill Out Form Below Our Menu and Then Hit The Submit Button and if it shows processing you are done.

What We Offer:Members Cost:
Standard Business Page -Local Area Only
Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Austin, Texas.
Business Name, Address, Phone Number and a Great Description of your business.
Links to member website and formatted to be indexed w/search engines.
Address is required / posting for everyone to see is optional.
Enhanced Business Page – Local area Only
Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Austin, Texas.
Same as Standard Business Page
Zero to minimal Ads on Your Page
Add a Picture
Can Add Social Media, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, In, YouTube
$30 A Year
Enhanced Business Page
Outside of the Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Austin, Texas.
or any
Online internet only businesses
Same as above.
$200 A Year
Featured On Our Front Page
Example: YouTube Video and a Text Link to your Business Page. Or a picture/banner linked to your Business Page. You supply.
$20 A Week
Static Banner – Bottom Of All Pages
w/Link To Your Business Page.
$20 A Week
A Static Banner Bottom on Any Other Pages
Linked To Your Page
$10 A Week
Fixed Side Banner On Most All Pages
Must Have a Business Page and the banner will be Linked To Your Page, Limit 4 spots and randomly chosen.
$10 A Week or
1 month = $30
Request Top Spot Add $10
Banner Front Page in Rotation – Facebook
w/Link & Description To Your Page
Your Business Must Be Listed In Our Directory
Max – Only 4 spots available
#1 Spot – $20 A Week
Next 3 spots – $10 A Week

When submitting your business to our directory or to any directory.

Please take your time and write a Great Description of your business as though or as if you were talking to a future client.

Directories are meant to be for you getting clients to your website or your phone.

Do not write a description just to be putting something in a block to move on, because that is what your future clients will be doing too when they land on your business page and see very little information of your business, product or service.

To Purchase Just Click On The Button Below

Ready To Buy?

Click on Add To Cart button, enter the quantity to equal the price of your purchase and then submit.

We will create your Enhanced Business Page or post your banner before you purchase, All Sales are Final Once You Approve.

Our service area is DFW metroplex and the I35 corridor / Red River to Austin, Texas.

Note: We do not make banners, can use your pic or you can submit a premade banner. Banners: Purchase 1 Year and only pay for 10 months – 2 months free.

We do not sell your information nor do we have any hidden charges.

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