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  1. Know Before You Go
    Want to know what the traffic looks like on I-35 before you go? Check out the live camera feeds to help plan your route.
    Traffic cameras are placed in every major metropolitan area along the I-35 corridor – the cameras stream live video feeds to give you the best and quickest look at current traffic flow.

  2. Left-wing propagandist Robert Reich conceals the Democrats’ duplicitous history of using the filibuster, while advocating for its abolition today. But the Democrat Party’s REAL goal is one-party rule in the Senate. Now, watch as Mark takes Reich to school and exposes the Democrats REAL endgame: Tyranny and Totalitarianism. Learn More!

  3. Taking Back the Republic!
    There’s a lot going on in our culture right now. From Critical Race Theory being taught in our public schools, to the banning of child gender modification being debated in our Texas legislature, to B L M blocking traffic in Plano at Preston & 121, people are asking, “What do we do to combat the craziness in our culture?”

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