Tue. Jul 2nd, 2024
Joe Biden from the White House

Joe Biden Above The Law or is he incompetent or both?

They said Trump Incited Violence But This Is OK? Wake Up To Their Lies!


Kennedy on State of the Union: Biden mismanages everything

Joe Biden Delivers Remarks

Let’s Be A Realist and forget Blue vs Red, Can You Say Double Standards?

We have all been living with the same old thing since 2016.

02/08/24: President Biden Delivers Remarks.

Listening to Joe Biden’s remarks (see video), he is blaming his staff for putting all the documents in his garage and offices and not taking any responsibility.

The question everyone has is Joe Biden Above The Law or is he incompetent or both?

Why is he still in office if he is an elderly person who makes mistakes, what does Mexico have to do with the Middle East?

What are the dates on these documents, how long has he had them in his possession and Joe Biden claims ignorance to all of this, oh by the way all those boxes in his garage were next to his corvette that he so dearly loves.

Joe Biden a senator and then vice president had zero authority to have any classified document(s) stored outside approved facilities.

Note: Any sitting President leaving office can declassify any documents before they leave office as per so many before Trump, why is his case so different?

The news media is really spinning this.

He claims he has been up front with the DOJ vs Trump hiding everything, So how long have these documents been in Joe Biden’s possession and not secured?

If Joe Biden is so up front, why did he not come forward a long time ago and turn the documents back over to the proper authorities?

Let’s See The Dates On The Documents Joe Biden Has Had In His Possession and The Dates He Turned Them In. How Long Has He Had These Unsecured Documents?

Joe Biden was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, so he has been in politics for 54 years now.


The Biden family’s strange business history

The man who has made a living in politics vs the business man who made his fortune before getting into politics.

At what point and time does this Trump ordeal become harassment vs the family who have been caught doing questionable dealings? Hunter using air force 1 for business trips to China?

The democrat party and the elites has been wasting our tax money to destroy one person and who ever they can to be an example.

Note: This article is basically our opinion and others who we reposted their post(s) – for complete facts do your own research.



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