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Frisco Heritage Museum The Best Now In Frisco

Frisco Heritage Museum

6455 Page St.

Frisco, Texas 75034


Frisco Heritage Museum is located at 6455 Page Street, just east of the Frisco City Hall and Library; opened in 2008 the 18,000 square feet of collections represent the history of the Frisco area.

Also the home of the Bolin antique collection, formerly housed in McKinney and donated to the City of Frisco by the Bolin family.

The museum has a variety of exhibits which include a turn of the century printing press, a service station with cars from 1915 and 1930, an early 1900s parlor, a 1960s era den, a “King Cotton” exhibit, railroad memorabilia, “The Heritage Theater” showing old movies, and a timeline room showing a video of the history of Frisco and providing a view of all the buildings in Heritage Center. 


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