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Aroha Medical Now In Pflugerville

Aroha Medical – Reported Closed

1317 Picadilly Dr.

Pflugerville, Texas 78660


I’m an internist with extensive experience managing acute and chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, depression, anxiety, and more.

I strongly believe that compassion and empathy are as much a component of the art and science of Medicine as is the knowledge and skills we spend years acquiring as physicians.

My practice ‘Aroha’ which is a Māori word with layers of meanings including compassion, empathy, kindness, and of course, love.

I hope to provide comprehensive care to my patients with compassion and a commitment to excellence.

Today’s typical healthcare experience is mostly cold and sterile, with long wait times and shorter visit times, and that’s after waiting 2 weeks to get an appointment!

Often patients see many different doctors or are shuffled off to specialists. Because of this, we’ve seen a rise in conflicting diagnoses, prescriptions and often, poor health outcomes.

Direct care returns us to the medical practice of the past, back when your family doctor knew you, understood you and helped manage any medical challenges.

They were available when you needed them.

You could call them on the phone and they would answer.

That’s direct primary care.



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