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To be a member resident or business in our exclusive group.

In short You must be located in Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Georgetown, Texas area.

This is a place to share local current events, advertise, coupons and more.

To begin with to advertise your business, you must be listed our directory 1st.

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Rules For The Forum...
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Rules For The Forums

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Welcome To DFWTG Forums, let's talk about the grounds rules.

  • These forums are mainly for the residents and business owners of Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and the I-35 corridor from Gainesville to Georgetown, Texas.
  • Our Directory and Forum are design to help you with  your advertising budget. But if your are making plenty of money and have to much business then help the folks who are struggling, purchase ad space or our Enhanced Business Page / maybe even click on the ads! Businesses purchased those ads for you to click on, please support us and them.
  • Folks - Be Kind and Courteous
  • No Hate Speech or Bullying / Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  • My program is designed to help and promote local businesses, money or No money, start-ups to large companies. You Must Be listed in our New directory to post any advertising in this group, standard business page is free and zero membership fees! 
  • NO MLM or Drama!
  • Do Not Spread Fake News or Gossip
  • DFWTG may change / modify / update the rules at anytime.
  • DFWTG Administrators and whomever I assign has the final word on everything. 

When NOT To Follow The Rules - Hasseman Marketing

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Once you are a member:

  • Your 1st 3 post must be approved / My Goal is to weed out scammers / Real People Only!
  • Businesses Must Be Listed in our directory to post Any Ads or Promotions
  • The main goal is Link building, Businesses always link to your business page when posting, it is linked to your website and will create more value to your post and your website. 
  • To post pictures: just copy and paste into the post / must be the original
  • To Add Video: YouTube is a great resource / go to your video and click on share / copy the embed script then come back to your post and click on {;} and paste the script here 
  • Emoji - click on the pic in the menu and choose one
  • To Link to another page or URL // 1st Highlight the text you want then click on the link icon above and paste the link into the box it shows
  • Don't forget to share your post, look in the right upper corner of the post. 
  • Have any questions contact us!
  • Understand if you cannot follow the rules you cannot be a member, this is for real people and business only, We are not a secret society! 
  • Do Not Give or Post Private information, You are solely responsible for your post and actions. 
  • This forum is for your entertainment only, you joined at your own free will and assume all responsibilities.
  • We do everything we can to screen members and keep this a fun place, Please help us. 
  • Inactive members more than 90 days will be removed
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