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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department - The following information is an attempt to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about these fascinating, yet all too often persecuted, maligned, and misunderstood creatures.
TPWD Amphibians - typically are "cold-blooded" vertebrates which change from an aquatic, water-breathing, limbless larva (or tadpole) to a terrestrial or partially terrestrial, air-breathing, four-legged adult. This group includes: frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and caecilians (limbless amphibians).

The Connemara Conservancy

International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Mustang Trail

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

River Legacy Parks

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Texas State Railroad State Park

Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

Windmill Hill Nature Preserve


DFW Area State Parks

Acton SP

Lake Mineral Wells S.P. & Trailway

Barrington Living History Farm (at Washington-on-the-Brazos S.H.S.)

Lake Somerville S.P. & Trailway

Bastrop S.P

Lake Tawakoni S.P.

Bonham S.P.

Lake Whitney S.P.

Buescher S.P.

Lockhart S.P.

Cedar Hill S.P.

Meridian S.P.

Cleburne S.P.

Monument Hill & Kreisch Brewery S.H.S.

Confederate Reunion Grounds S.H.S.

Mother Neff S.P.

Cooper Lake S. P.

Old Fort Parker - Operated by the City of Groesbeck

Dinosaur Valley S.P.

Palmetto S.P.

Eisenhower S.P.

Purtis Creek S.P.

Eisenhower Birthplace S.H.S.

Ray Roberts Lake S.P.

Fairfield Lake S.P.

Sam Bell Maxey House S.H.S.

Fanthorp Inn S.H.S.

Sebastopol S.H.S

Fort Boggy S.P.

Stephen F. Austin S.P. & San Felipe S.H.S.

Fort Parker S.P.

Washington-on-the-Brazos S.H.S.



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