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Planning a party, company meeting, event, wedding, or family reunion?

Please get the proper boat for the occasion as

too many people are hiring the wrong boat trying to

save a few dollars or expect it to be something it is not!


Boat Rentals are basically 3 categories:

Recreational - includes jet skis, pontoons and ski boats - 15 people or less.

Large Party boats rated 1 to 50 passengers and

Larger Party boats rated over 50 passengers


Below find Party Boats, Pontoon Boat Rentals, Ski Boats, Jet Ski Companies in the Area:

Compare boat companies, boat sizes, weight capacities and prices!

Just click on one of the links below for more information and prices.

DFW Party Boat Rentals & Charters - 1 to 50 or 100+ passengers
DFW Pontoon Boat Rentals - 1 - 20 passengers
DFW Jet Ski Rentals - 1 - to 3 passengers
DFW Ski Boat Rentals - 1 to 10 passngers
Boat Clubs

Shopping for a large Party Boat?

There is a boat for everyone or every event, the choice is yours:

Don't care all you want to do is go a short distance off shore, swim, get drunk, rough house and Do Not expect to cruise around or need anything nice, The Barge will work, it is very basic. Be realistic...if a 40' party barge only has a single engine and square dock blocks for floatation, don't be surprised or get mad that it is slow (even when empty) and found a short distance from their dock, it is a floating dock and not designed to go anywhere far from the docks. BUT if you want to look good, have nice, safe, clean equipment and cruise around the lake and make a good impression to friends and family, then a Party Boat will work for you. Either Way Enjoy and Be Safe on Our Lakes.


Don't Be The Pain In The Boat! Most companies are trying to make an honest living with a large investment and liability. Being drunk and disorderly, trashing the equipment out or not knowing Boating Laws ruins it for everyone. Chartered boats will discontinue rental for unruly behavior and you lose your money.



Dallas Boat Rentals

Eagle Mountan Lake

Possum Kingdom

Lake Whitney


Know Before You Go!

Vessel Requirements

Life Jackets

Safety FAQ

Buoy Markers

Boating Laws FAQ



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